Saturday, March 24, 2007

Important classical music links you should know

Here are some good answers to a few of the most common questions (click the links) about classical music resources on the internet:
Who are the most important composers to know, and how can you find their music to listen to?

Here's a list of over five dozen of the most referenced and otherwise significant composers. Clicking the last name link will take you to a page where you can click the name that appears in bold red to download and listen to music by the composer:
  1. Wagner, Richard
  2. Bach, Johann Sebastian
  3. Debussy, Claude
  4. Stravinsky, Igor
  5. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  6. Beethoven, Ludwig van
  7. Liszt, Franz
  8. Schoenberg, Arnold
  9. Chopin, Fryderyk
  10. Schumann, Robert
  11. Brahms, Johannes
  12. Mendelssohn, Felix
  13. Strauss, Richard
  14. Haydn, Franz Joseph
  15. Rossini, Gioachino
  16. Ravel, Maurice
  17. Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
  18. Berlioz, Hector
  19. Corelli, Arcangelo
  20. Gluck, Christoph WRvon
  21. Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
  22. Bartók, Béla
  23. Mahler, Gustav
  24. Monteverdi, Claudio
  25. Webern, Anton
  26. Weber, Carl Maria von
  27. Handel, George Frideric
  28. Lully, Jean-Baptiste
  29. Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay
  30. Fauré, Gabriel
  31. Mussorgsky, Modest
  32. Franck, Cesar
  33. Meyerbeer, Giacomo
  34. Berg, Alban
  35. Satie, Erik
  36. Schubert, Franz
  37. Verdi, Giuseppe
  38. Scriabin, Alexander
  39. Dukas, Paul
  40. Gounod, Charles
  41. Borodin, Alexander
  42. Hindemith, Paul
  43. Vivaldi, Antonio
  44. Massenet, Jules
  45. Sibelius, Jean
  46. Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
  47. Cage, John
  48. Bellini, Vincenzo
  49. Reger, Max
  50. Varèse, Edgard
  51. Grieg, Edvard
  52. Paganini, Niccolò
  53. Glinka, Mikhail
  54. Gershwin, George
  55. Chabrier, Emmanuel
  56. Scarlatti, Alessandro
  57. Hasse, Johann Adolf
  58. Frescobaldi, Girolamo
  59. Lasso, Orlando di
  60. Sammartini, Giovanni Battista
  61. Buxtehude, Dieterich
  62. Busoni, Ferruccio
  63. Gabrieli, Giovanni
  64. Couperin, François
  65. Balakirev, Mily
  66. Prokofiev, Sergei
  67. Salieri, Antonio
  68. Josquin Desprez
  69. Dvorák, Antonin
  70. Stanford, Charles Villiers
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