Monday, July 16, 2007

Zambra Mora by Toha (my dance name) at the Burnsville International Festival

Didn't know this was out there---surprised to find video of myself on the web!

Here I am, in red, performing a Zambra Mora at the Burnsville International Festival. After that, Rebecca (in green) from Jawaahir Dance Company, performs an Algerian Nailyat number.


  1. Sarah -
    I stumbled across your blog upon some searching & studying of belly dance. Originally I found it through your wonderful mideastern dance site which was mentioned on the local radio station that I listen to one morning. The traffic announcer said she was a dancer & I swear that was the site she said to go to ... either way not sure if you are the same person or not - but I'm not sorry I found you!

    I was actually amazed to find you simply because I actually had the privilage of watching you dance at Jawaahir - I had so many things running through my mind as I watched you dance & felt in my heart you were the person I have been looking for. I have been wanting to learn belly dance for quite a few years now & have not really had the courage to do so due to low self esteem .. but now - I'm ready!

    I have been looking for the perfect person to teach me everything there is to know... I would love to get in further contact with you about this. This is assuming you are willing to take me under your wing & teach me from the beginning the passion of belly dancing.

    If you are interested - please feel free to contact me back! Many warm wishes!


  2. I am enchanted with you Sarah (nothing new) doing the Zambra Mora. I think you embody the form, you just step into the soul of it. I wanted it to go on forever!

    I’ve spent the morning looking over this wonderful, informative and so varied blog. I’ve seen this video before, but I had to mention it again.

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