Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's unique about this restaurant?

If you don't already know this restaurant, and your meal was paid for, would you eat here based only on this photo?

Seems tame enough at first glance, doesn't it? Almost looks like outdoor dining in the street somehow. Plus, it seems like they are pretty high up, closer to the the treetops than you might expect. Maybe it's rooftop dining?

But why then did Forbes name this one of the most unusual restaurants in the world? Hint: the piano is on a separate floor, at the same level, with no walls in between.

Figured it out? Notice the big metal hooks and eyelets in front of the food preparation area? Last hint: don't look down. If you haven't figured out what's unique about this restaurant yet, click here to see some other photos from this fascinating restaurant.

Dinner in the sky!

More photos

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