Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to support a good cause using Twitter, blogging & social networking

Have a good cause to support? Add your information in the comments!

People often ask me how can they do fundraising for a problem or person they know about. Basically, you write a blog post and ask people to help you promote it, and to visit and donate. And you spend a few weeks at it.

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  1. sara, my sister has been on an educational odyssey that has taken her across the nation in a motor home to spread information about a disease that claimed the life of her 8 year old son, and went misdiagnosed over and over for all of those 8 years. if you have the time to check out her blog and her web site "fight ald" and tell me how i can help her get her message out? raise money for her foundation? raise public awareness? i will be forever gratefull! lauren jeffries-johnson

  2. Please add the domain name here in the comments so people can find it.

  3. Hi Sarah & Dave, too!
    I saw that you read my blog post from yesterday, 11/11/09. I wanted to ask if you could pass it on, so to speak?? I would really appreciate it!
    I like all of the suggestions you made in this post. ALL of it is useful. Also, could you let folks know about the Christmas cards for Jo group on FB? I am in AWE that a year has passed AND that I am still here on this Earth!
    Let me know if you can help with spreading the word.
    Love, Jo