Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting rid of nasty Facebook apps

A friend posted a status update that I thought might be interesting see "my first ever status message." I gave the app access...and it started auto posting statuses for me.

In other words, a scam. Darn it! These things can be dangerous. I quit it when it asked me to take a survey before it would show me my first status update.

Here's how you get rid of these lousy things:
  1. Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites (on the lower left corner of screen), and choose "Edit your settings..."
  2. Now you will be on the Apps you use page. Click the Edit Settings button and find the app you want to remove. Click the small "x" to the right of "Edit Settings" for the app you want to get rid of and a box will pop up.
  3. Click "Remove" in the box that pops up and click "Okay" to finish. Nastiness removed!

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