Friday, August 15, 2008

The meaning of life as seen through 11 thought-provoking, clever and funny commercials

Also don't miss A Jewish Mother’s 10-point guide to the Religious Philosophies of the world. Be sure to watch the advertising "disclaimer" at the end.

1. Best ad for
showing the meaning of life:

This character is from a popular video game,
where he beats, kills and robs people .. usually!

2. Worst ad for
showing the meaning of life:

The people in your life are there to love and learn from to become calmer, happier, better at working with others, etc.

3. Desire and attachment
to things cause problems:

Taking off from the previous ad .. okay ..
then ... is this what it's like without kids?

4. Copying others is not
a good long term plan:

You can get inspiration from others, but only discipline
and lots of your own work will bring you consistent success.

5. Creativity is
better with persistence:

There is a lot of creativity--and no special effects--
in this ad. It took 3 months of engineering
and filming 606 takes to complete.

6. Find a way to let people know
you care and amazing things can happen:
Also, music can uplift and bring people together!

7. Finding a purpose
makes life worth living:

If you watch to the end to see what's really going on,
you'll want to watch it over again:
8. To love others, learn to
understand and help them:

Is it love, or is it survival and self-interest? I say, love first,
see where it leads you! See the last video for more info about this product.

9. Pay attention! Unexpected
realizations are a key to spiritual growth:

No matter how hard you work, if you're
not mindful, you can miss even the most obvious clues.

10. Don't let others
define reality for you:

People who want to tell you what is true and what is not
usually don't have your best interests at heart. See the last video.

11. Sometimes love takes work:
Use whatever skills you have, with whatever time
you have to love someone more than yourself

Disclaimer about believing advertising!
Don't trust what you are told about products
egardless of how popular or common they are


  1. Great set of videos. Thank you. That last one blows me away.

  2. I've actually come back to this page several times to rewatch the vids. Thx!