Monday, August 11, 2008

See you on Twitter!

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One of my newest hobbies is looking for cool people to “follow” on Twitter. It's been great! It's kind of like eavesdropping on people who are sending short messages to each other, like IM or phone text messages. Or like listening in at a digital water cooler. People have shared over one billion messages on Twitter.

But mainly, I've met some wonderful people, and been able to help people with questions about bellydancing, voiceovers and some of my other interests.

So what is Twitter, and why should I “follow” you?

Twitter is a blog, but it's a micro-blog, because everything posted has to be 140 characters or less. If you want to see what a bunch of people are saying, sign up (very fast, very easy) and follow each person you want to “listen in” on. For more about Twitter, see:
How do you get started on Twitter?

For more information on how to use Twitter, check out this Twitter quickstart video, or download and read this introductory guide. Once you join, follow or visit @Twitter_Tips to find new tips.

I got started by creating an account in my name (@SarahJL) and following some people I knew.

How can I find people to follow?

Next I visited and searched their directory by category and keywords to find people with interests similar to mine. You'll also want to visit Twitter Grader and Twitter Local to find people in your area, and sign up to ask Mr. Tweet to find people for you. You can also search for what people are saying, or add “” to a Google search.

Sadly, I have already unfollowed one or two people who fill up the screen with several feeds in a row like:
  • "looking for can opener,"
  • "found it!"
  • "looking for soup"
  • "found it!"
  • "Mmm chicken noodle!"
... and so forth. Some people I thought would be interesting also don't seem to check their incoming messages, and just post stuff. (It takes awhile to figure this out). I like to have one place for people I can actually talk to.

Here are some of my favorite people (“Tweeple”) on Twitter.

See you on Twitter!

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