Monday, November 24, 2008

One of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey, on Inside the Actor's Studio

Kevin Spacey is possibly my favorite actor.

One of the things I love about him is that he doesn't watch dailies, and he chooses roles based on the story, irrespective of money, who else is involved, etc. He's an actor’s actor. He trusts what he is experiencing when he plays a role more than the words in the script and relies a lot on instinct and spontaneity.

Spacey has said in not watching dailies he has to trust the director, and that he has very rarely been let down.

Kevin Spacey: Impersonator?

Kevin is also a fabulous impersonator! If you just want to skip to the part where he shows what an incredible impersonator he is…skip to 1:30 in part 2 below. (He also does a great Christopher Walken & Walter Matthau in “Star Wars auditions”) Here is just a small sample of awards he has won:
  • Two Oscars;
  • A Tony;
  • Four New York Film Critic’s awards;
  • Two National Board of Review awards;
  • An Olivier award;
  • A London Critic’s Circle award;
  • …and dozens more.
Part 1: Upbringing; road to Julliard;
Long Day’s Journey into Night


Part 2: Jack Lemmon; Standup Comedy; Impersonator!
As good with the Improv as the characters


Part 4: Choosing parts; dancing; directing; LA Confidential

Part 6: The questionnaire, and Q&A with students

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  1. Sarah, I am a HUGE Kevin Spacey fan...thank you for sharing the videos. My husband and I were having a discussion recently about what actors/actresses were "hot" (an incredibly subjective definition!). He had no trouble rattling off several women immediately. I could think of only two that really fit my definition of "hot" - William Hurt and Kevin Spacey.

    Inside the Actor's Studio is a wonderful series, and one that, if I watched TV enough to matter, would be on top of my list. As it is, I catch it when the stars align and I happen to be there when it's on. How nice of you to make this episode convenient for me!

    Enjoy this wonderful world!