Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My favorite Tweeple on Twitter! #whoandwhyIfollow

It all started when I asked people on Twitter who they followed and why.

@David_N_Wilson responded “That would take an entire blog entry (maybe several?) Maybe we should organize a day for tweeting about who to follow & why,” and I wrote back  “You know, I think that's a GREAT idea. We SHOULD write blog posts about who we follow and why. You're a genius!”

What is #whoandwhyIfollow ??

We came up with the hashtag #whoandwhyIfollow to track everyone's posts and tweets (just add #whoandwhyIfollow to any tweet about this topic so others can find it easily). David thought we should set a day for everyone to tweet, and started with some wonderful profiles. Most cool of all, he started Tweepleblog to profile people! (Here's his mission statement.)

Unfortunately, just as we were getting underway I had to leave town suddenly, and my free time disappeared—I hold down two radio jobs, besides teaching and performing dance and voiceover. So, keeping in mind the deadline David suggested and my lack of time, I'm going to start with a list of folks instead of individual profiles (initially the idea was to profile three people). I'm going ahead and posting this first, and adding to the descriptions later. Otherwise I'll never get it done!

The worst part of this is of course all the people I'm leaving off just to try to make it a manageable size! If you want the big list of my favorite people, start here.

Right up front are David and Mr. Tweet, since Mr. Tweet's mission is to help you find people to follow, I thought it would be appropriate to include him. Next are my family and close friends (My husband is also named David!), and following that are some Tweeple I think are special folks.

How did I choose who to mention?

Basically, these are all special people to me! But I've concentrated on mentioning people I've known the longest on Twitter, for the most part. I'm leaving off some great people that I've met only recently, since I haven't had that much time to get to know them yet.

Some are people who've done something special for me. Others I've been touched by reading their blog, or just really enjoy chatting with, on or off Twitter.

I know I'm leaving a LOT of great people off this list. Possibly I only just discovered you and there hasn't been that much time to get to know you. Or maybe it's my fault—I haven't taken the time to get to know some obviously awesome people.

Oh, and at the very bottom are my favorite funny folks!


  1. I'm honored! Thank you, Sarah! ALL of my Tweeple are awesome (that's why I follow them - duhh! ;) I will have to give some thought to #whoandwhyIfollow , though - it's a great way to promote them and share them with others who haven't yet discovered these gems. I like this better than a "Top 10" list.

  2. What a great list! I follow some of these folks and I'll have to check out the ones I don't.

    And you spent so much time on this! I feel motivated. I think I'll make a list like this too!

  3. Wow! What an honor, Sarah, to be on your blog. Thank you for the mention.

    You are following some of the same people I am. I think I'll grab a few more from your list and start trailing them too. Oh, and I Dug or "Digged" (is that a word?) your post.

  4. Hi Sarah

    Thanks for posting my mug and profile, you're so sweet!

    I wish I was funnier in my Tweets, though, so I could be in the FUNNY list, LOL! K...I'm a dork.

    I have been plotting a similar type of blog post (soon, very soon!)

    Keep up the good work & Tweet you soon!

  5. Thanks for including me in this list Sarah!

  6. Hey Sarah with an h and Dave,

    Thank you for thinking of me and always giving me a boost. I am so happy to have met you on Twitter and look forward to meeting you in person.

    Dance in joy,


  7. What a great idea, Sarah! And I'm honored to be on your list of favorite Tweeple. You're one of the first people I found on Twitter, and I'm grateful for our friendship.

    Now, your inspiration leads to my homework - post to #whoandwhyifollow :-)


  8. Wow Sarah - thanks for the shout out! You are a favorite Tweep to me too sweetie!! LOL Hey if ya gotta sec today my Owen Fiddler Virtual Tour starts today at http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/

    Toodles and tweetles!

  9. Hi-de-ho Sarah (and Dave),

    Sarah, thanks much for allowing me onto your fabulous faves list. I'm still not giving up me cigars! (Spritzes some air freshener though,
    and pops a mint or two.)

    Cheers lovely lady!