Friday, June 06, 2008

Communication: How Not To Do It

Communication: The over, the under, the unexpected and the uncertain, oh my!


This is near where we live:

The Bureau of Communication website is a hoot--worth a visit: They offer detailed forms you can fill out to apologize, complain, give feedback, etc.

"Whether you need to communicate a problem, send an invitation to an event, or simply apologize for a transgression, our easy-to-use forms will ensure that your message is clearly conveyed."

This is where my father-in-law lives:

Where to go, and what to say

Do yourself a flavor -

learn the impotence of proofreading:


Dishes are piling up ....

Unexpected Communication:


Probably works

Divorce settlement?

Grady, is that you?

Weren't the vegetables already dead?

Uncertain Communication:

And by "play" they mean:

Glad they cleared that up

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  1. Hilarious! Thanks for that. Just what I needed.