Sunday, June 15, 2008

Love is an all-the-time thing

A cute moment from long ago with Kermit the frog, who learns love is an all-the-time thing, and a big mammal helps a bird family (and a couple of cute pics at the end!):

In the first video below, Jim Henson, who "operates" Kermit seems to be trying not to chuckle as this little girl teases him. (Nowadays, cookie monster says "cookies are a sometime food"--you'll understand why I mention this after viewing the video.)

Kermit has to take the lead several times in getting her through the alphabet song, but the little girl calls him back and makes up for it at the end. (I love how they added an icon every time the little girl breaks out of the song for her personal favorite):

Cookies are a sometime food,

but love is an all-the-time thing:

P.S. Here's how to say "I Love You"

in dozens of languages

Large mammal helps bird family:

(This was shortened from the longer StarsClips video)

Cute things come in small packages:

Note to pet owners: DO consider the pesticides that exist in many fruit boxes, especially those of bananas. Cleaning or lining before leaving out or re-using is wise.

Best friends:

kitten and bunny rabbit

Rabbit, Hamster, Kitten and Puppy dog in the sunset - four cuties

cute bunny with kitten holding one arm over it


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