Friday, June 27, 2008

New job: Another voice of love

My husband Dave keeps calling me the "voice of love," so I guess I better update everyone on my new radio gig at Love-105!

love, heart in hands drawingAfternoon drive at Love 105

I'm now on-air (as Sarah) between 3 and 8 p.m. CST at Love-105 radio! You can listen to me online during those hours.

It's nice to be full-time doing radio work again. I'll miss my great friends at Clear Channel, but I already love the people here, some of the nicest I've ever worked with (and some of whom I've also worked with before in other positions).

microphone line art for radio I'm doing a greater variety of work in this position than I've done in a long time, and learning some new things as well. I'm responsible for two of the stations here, to varying degrees. I'm really enjoying it! The other two stations here are KQRS and KXXR. (Update: Yay! I'm on the Love staff website now--and they link to my blog!)

Chatting with Tom Barnard

I actually had an interesting chat yesterday with KQ morning show and voiceover legend Tom Barnard. He shared a story about his childhood religion, and we both agreed about the importance of spiritual freedom. He was familiar with Eckankar, and we also talked about one of my other favorite topics, women in the Mideast.

Dave sometimes teases me about how blasé I am about famous folks I meet like Barry Manilow and Donny Osmond--but they're just people, you know? I try to treat everyone with respect and interest and find most people reciprocate. (Though being in radio and voiceover myself, I wouldn't mind having the kind of success Tom has had!)

Corporate who's who ...

The parent company of Love 105 is Citadel Broadcasting Corporation, who also KQRS-FM and KXXR, among some 200 stations total, and also owns and operates ABC Radio Networks.

There is also some control by Walt Disney Co. or its shareholders, but I'm not yet clear on that. Folks tell me they used to get some passes from Disney and don't any longer. What I do know is the relevant FCC File Number of the transfer of control application from Walt Disney Co. to its shareholders for the stations in the Employment Unit is BTCH-20060228ABM, and if you can figure that out, let me know!

love 105 radio logo


  1. Congratulations! I'm listening right now--you sound great!

  2. Always nice to see good things happen to good people!

  3. Hey Sarah - just started following you on Twitter and "followed" you to this blog. NICE! I'll stop back in on occasion and definitely check out your show.

    Marvin D Wilson
    Blogs at: Free Spirit -
    Eye Twitter 2 -

  4. I'll be listening for you, Sarah. You have some great sites!

    Jean Henry Mead,

  5. Hi Sarah

    Tom Barnard is a great guy with a great voice!

    Nice blog :)

  6. Hi Sarah
    I have a daughter named Sarah:) Ok there's a few things wrong here:) I'm from NY but down in TX :( I love Key West. I love radio.Your already working and married :)
    Just wanted to say HIGH actually.
    I'm going to check out your work
    Peace :)