Monday, July 14, 2008

Instant free do-it-yourself photoshopping with PhotoFunia and other online tools

Found a really fun "instant Photoshop" site: PhotoFunia! (Note: They recently moved from their old site at and upgraded their server to a Dell 1750 2xXeon 3.2GHz to handle all the traffic!)

Choose an effect and instantly modify the photo of your choice. 

See the example at left, where I put my cat on Paris' album. It took all of 5 seconds! Scroll down for more examples with our family photos. Other sites  such as Dumpr offer similar effects, but PhotoFunia is best! (Scroll down for ever more sites).

They have several dozen effects to try, and again, each of those shown on this page was created in just seconds with the automated tool at PhotoFunia. (If your photo needs a little adjusting first, try Improve Your Images -- quick and free.)

PhotoFunia even offers an ultra-large, ready for printing setting: just click on the "Save for Printing" option when your image is done processing. (They reserve the right to disable this option from time to time if traffic gets too heavy on their server.)

More free and cool one-click tools!

Then what? How about take your final image over to fd's Flickr Toys (most famous for their faux motivational poster tool) or Image Chef for some additional processing and then over to block posters to make a wall-size image from your regular printer!

I've already mentioned Dumpr, but did you know you can stretch your image like silly putty with Gooifier, or start with BeFunky's free cartoonizer (video version coming soon) or digital dieter and then use their free e-card or comic strip maker? Their cartoon avatar creator ("Uvatar") is also great! I like using the function to make my photo look like a sketch (in cartoonizer). You can even add their tools to your MySpace page (and similar sites).

Or heck, why not a free virtual makeover? You'll need a shot of someone with very short hair, or hair pulled back (take a new picture of yourself and try it!) but then this amazing site will take your image from nobody to celebrity!

If you want to make animated images or slideshows with effects, try Rock You or MixerCast. Some other fun and free tools out there:
Give it a try!

Here are the original photos I used, followed by some of the photoshopped versions. Those are our cats on the magazine and CD covers, Dave in giant posters, and an artist drawing me. Click any image to view larger.

Organize your photos with Pictomio

Pictomio is a very useful, fast and cool photo organizer/browser for your computer, similar to Adobe Bridge, but currently free for personal use. They're adding more features all the time too!

ther cool photoshop stuff


  1. That one of the artist drawing you is so cool! I made one for my mother from a photo of a younger her, and she loves it. Thanks for finding and sharing such a cool site!!

  2. This is sooo cool! I got my whole family together making PhotoFunias and we're having a blast!! (Saw your examples on Flickr)

  3. Thank you very much - photofunia is really nice site. One more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 150 funny photo templates.

  4. Thanks for sharing!

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