Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neil Diamond - What can I say?

Okay, we saw Neil Diamond in a sold-out show at the Xcel energy center last night. He did a two-hour set. Amazing energy at his age.

He has everyone sing parts of Sweet Caroline, starting with 'Bahp Bahp Bahhh!" (see video). Really a lot of fun. And while the video below shows kind of a collective unconscious version of everyone you might find in the woods, there was also a wide variety of people at the concert. Besides the "out of the blue" theme, there's an out of the lonely wilderness and into love theme in the video that matches the song beautfully.

Anyway, people say a lot of things about his songs, but this (yes, VERY offbeat) ad about a man and woman trying to reconcile says it best---his songs bring people together and lift them up:


  1. OMG that's hilarious!! Never seen that before. I had to watch it three times. So fun and funny!

  2. That's hilarious!!!!

    I remember sitting for hours beside my little record player listening to Neil sing that song. Then one day my 45 got scratched. The song became a comedy. LOL