Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cat helps loved ones gather before patients die

This is an amazing story of a cat who "works" in a hospice. He predicts patient deaths in time for the human workers to get all the loved ones gathered:

This New England Journal of medicine article is great, and the Washington Post discussion is also a great read.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jawaahir Dance Company: Library Performance.

Elena and Shari do an Egyptian Ghawazee piece, Risha a Tunisian pot dance, Zuleika an Egyptian Shamadan (Candelabra) dance, and Cassandra performs Raqs Al-Assaya (cane dance.)

Zambra Mora by Toha (my dance name) at the Burnsville International Festival

Didn't know this was out there---surprised to find video of myself on the web!

Here I am, in red, performing a Zambra Mora at the Burnsville International Festival. After that, Rebecca (in green) from Jawaahir Dance Company, performs an Algerian Nailyat number.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Great Jawaahir dance videos including Tunisian and Ghawazee

I'm delighted to share these latest videos with you! I'm even in one of them!

You will love this wonderful video of Cassandra. It's just too short, though!

Here's Jawaahir Dance Company doing a Tunisian pot dance, choreographed by Cassandra --(I'm in this in a dark blue melaya mostly to right of center.)

Jawaahir Dance Company doing a ghawazee piece, choreographed by Cassandra:

Let me know what you think -- Happy Summer!